This is an unofficial mirror of restored from a copy made (crawled) on 2007/02/24. This mirror exists because the main Packetfactory site was going down and back up for years, sometimes staying down for months, and it has been down for about a year(?) by the time this mirror was brought up (on 2009/10/23). The Internet Archive last saved a copy of the site's main page on 2008/08/02, so presumably the site went permanently down shortly after that date. At first glance, the 2008/08/02 web pages at the Internet Archive look exactly the same as those presented on this mirror, so no further update of the mirror is needed. (Apparently, Mike had not been working on the site content for years.) This mirror is maintained by Openwall and hosted at DataForce ISP.

The Packetfactory

The Packetfactory is a clearing house for cool-ass network and network security related endeavors. Here you’ll find all manner of useful security tools like firewalk, network tools such as ngrep, and programming components such as libnet. Feel free to peruse and download. Everything here is free and open-sourced. If you have something you think is cool-assed enough to be hosted here, please send email to mike underscore schiffman at hotmail dot com We are always on the lookout for exceptional new projects or papers to host here.

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