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libipgeo is a small library written on top of the IP2LOCATION database allowing the user to do geo-targeting of IP addresses. For a given IPv4 address, libipgeo can lookup the following:

NEW:libipgeo now searchs the IP2LOCATION database in O(lg n) and is TONS faster!

Included with the libipgeo distribution is a simple traceroute client that does IPv4 targeting:

Trig 1.0 [geo-targeting traceroute scanner]
01: US SAN RAMON CALIFORNIA 37.7661 -121.9730 
02: US SAN FRANCISCO CALIFORNIA 37.7002 -122.4060 
03: US SAN FRANCISCO CALIFORNIA 37.7002 -122.4060 
04: CA MONTREAL QUEBEC 45.5000 -73.5830 
05: CA MONTREAL QUEBEC 45.5000 -73.5830 
06: US KANSAS CITY MISSOURI 39.1749 -94.5804 
07: US UNKNOWN UNKNOWN 0.0000 0.0000 
08: US BROOMFIELD COLORADO 39.9135 -105.0930 
09: US SAN CLEMENTE CALIFORNIA 33.4322 -117.5780 
10: EG CAIRO AL QAHIRAH 30.0500 31.2500 
11: US PROVIDENCE RHODE ISLAND 41.8231 -71.4204 



libipgeo works off of the IP2LOCATION CSV database. While libipgeo is free, unfortunately, the IP2LOCATION database isn't. Click here to buy your copy of over 2.5 million entries (hint: get your company to expense this for you).

libipgeo is distrubuted under the BSD license.


Latest version 1.3

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